Chemical Sciences Course Unions

Each of the three programs in the chemical sciences -- Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry -- is supported by its own student course union. These three groups work together to create activities and events of benefit to all students in the chemical sciences, but each course union offers additional events that address the unique interests of students in each individual program. Follow the links below more information and to learn about upcoming events from each group.

Biochemistry Course Union 


The Biochemistry Course Union is focused on providing academic, social, and volunteerism support for students interested in biological and chemical sciences, particularly for those enrolled in the Biochemistry program. Tutoring services are offered for 2nd and 3rd year science courses (including courses in Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry) as well as an official Formal Lab Prep for first year students. Social events include the popular Biochemistry Pub Crawls as well as other social and volunteering events. 

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Chemistry Course Union 

Chemistry Course Union

The Chemistry Course Union pursues the development of social community and academic support for UBC Okanagan students in all the chemical sciences, and promotion of education and interest in chemistry among both students and the public. The CCU offers the sale of lab glasses and goggles, catered midterm study sessions for most first- and second-year chemistry courses, regular social events, and community outreach activities. 


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Environmental Chemistry Course Union 


The Environmental Chemistry Course Union puts an environmental spin on chemistry. While we direct our efforts primarily to Environmental Chemistry Majors, anyone interested in the club is invited to join. We offer peer support with labs and assignments and small-group tutor sessions to help with your classes. In an attempt to prepare for our futures, a guest-speaker series provides the opportunity to hear stories about environmental chemists in the workforce, and to ask them questions and advice in an informal setting. But the ECCU is not all just serious business -- we also host fun group events such as wine tastings, group dinners, and laser tag. 


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