Research interests and activities in the Department of Chemistry span many traditional and emerging disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry, with noteworthy focuses on metal-directed catalysis, natural products, metabolomics, computational chemistry, and biochemical structure and mechanism. Much of our research takes place in the Fipke Centre for Innovative Research. General areas of faculty research interests are indicated on the grid below. More detailed information on faculty members' research programs may be found on the individual faculty pages.

Undergraduates in Chemistry at UBC Okanagan also have ample opportunity to engage in the research process under the direction of a faculty supervisor through the following programs:

Students interested in applying for the undergraduate research awards should be aware of the application deadlines at approximately the end of January each year. Students interested in taking part in a research 44X course should be familiar with the prerequisites and registration procedures for these classes.

Faculty Research Areas and Interests:

Analytical Li, Murch, Perry, Zandberg
Biochemistry / Chemical Biology DiLabio, Li, Menard, Murch, Shipley, Wolthers
Catalysis DiLabio, Jack, McNeil, Smith, Wolthers
Environmental Perry
Education Bailey, Freeman, McNeil
Inorganic McNeil, Smith
Materials & Surfaces DiLabio, Jack, Li
Mechanism DiLabio, McNeil, Menard, Smith, Wolthers
Metabolomics Murch, Shipley
Natural Products Murch, Menard, Shipley, Zandberg
Organic Menard, Neeland, Shipley
Pharmaceutical McNeil, Menard, Neeland
Physical DiLabio, Jack, Li
Spectroscopy & Spectrometry Murch, Shipley, Wolthers
Structure DiLabio, Neeland, Smith, Wolthers
Synthesis & Design McNeil, Menard, Neeland, Shipley, Smith
Theoretical & Computational DiLabio, Jack,

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