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Research Infrastructure

Our research infrastructure supports large-scale isolation (mg quantities) of recombinant enzymes. We also have instrumentation for studying fast reactions using spectroscopic techniques.

Protein Expression and Purification Facility

Facilities 1To produce large quantities of protein, we have two temperature controlled growth shakers that have the capacity to grow 12 L of bacterial culture each.

A super speed and ultracentrifuge with five rotors (JA10, JA 25.50, Type 50.2 Ti, Type 90 Ti and SW 32.1 swinging bucket rotor) can be used to fractionate cellular debris or isolate small particulates. A sonicator and incubator are also part of this facility.

An AKTA FLPC (situated in a cold cabinet) is employed for protein purification. A number of ion exchange, affinity and gel filtration columns are compatible with the FLPC.

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Fast Reaction and Spectroscopic Techniques

Our group has three UV-visible spectrophotometers (Lambda 25, Lambda 265 and Lambda 365), with one placed in an anaerobically-maintained glove box for O2-sensitive reactions. In addition, we have a TgK Scientific dual mixing stopped-flow that is capable of single and multi-wavelength detection. The stopped-flow also comes with a quench-flow accessory (for isolation and analytical analysis of intermediates) and an automatic shutter to minimize photobleaching. Both fluorescence and absorbance detection options are available. The sample-handling unit is housed in a clear acrylic glovebox from Belle Technology.

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Kirsten Wolthers 2

Dr. Kirsten R. Wolthers
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