Undergraduate Studies

Chem Grads 2009

The Chemistry department offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in Chemistry (including an Honours Chemistry degree and a Chemistry Minor) and Environmental Chemistry (including an Honours Environmental Chemistry degree), and co-administers the Biochemistry program with the Department of Biology. Questions about these programs should be directed to our undergraduate program advisors:

Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry: Karen Perry karen.perry@ubc.ca
Biochemistry (A - M): Richard Plunkett richard.plunkett@ubc.ca
Biochemistry (N - Z): Al Vaisius al.vaisius@ubc.ca

Undergraduate students in the Chemistry department at UBC Okanagan have the best of both worlds.  As students at the University of British Columbia, they have access to resources, facilities, and infrastructure usually hard to find at smaller schools, such as online access to scientific journals, brand new classrooms and laboratories, and high end analytical equipment.  But as students at the Okanagan campus, they experience these things a more intimate learning environment, with a greater diversity of opportunities.  Our students log more lab hours and gain more hands-on experience with instrumentation, they develop close working relationships in the teaching and research labs with world class research faculty, and can gain valuable work experience as teaching assistants.

Undergraduates interested in serving as undergraduate teaching assistants should seek information on the Employment Opportunities page.  Undergraduates interested in pursuing opportunities for undergraduate research should see the Research page.

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